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Many of the designs for products we see in our high street stores and online come from historical references. The blue and white Willow pattern not only influenced our fashion industry (see Blue and White: Fashion), it also continues to influence our product design industry today. If we move away from ceramics for a moment and look at other products embracing the Willow pattern, we will see a wide variety of objects. Designers and retailers are using this particular pattern in the design of furniture, wallpaper,  cooking and even alcohol advertising!


bluebellgray curtains

Bluebellgray chair

Bluebellgray designs this material that has been used in curtains and furniture

lee jofa willow pattern chinoiseroe pillow cover, etsy

Lee Jofa pillow case covers

cup cake

Cupcake holders for all your Willow party needs!

polyvore willow_pattern_drop_earrings

Earrings by Polyvore


 Bike design by Karim Bonnet and Peugeot

Studio Ditte Blue Porcelain Plate Wallpaper

Studio Ditte wallpaper

willowtearooms oven glove

Willow tea rooms oven glove



Zara willow pattern bedding

Willow pattern bedding by Zara

iphone cover

iPhone6 cover


Cake painted with the Willow pattern by MurrayMe

Johnnie Walker 1910 Commemorative Special Edition bottle by LOVE


And finally Johnnie Walker 1910 Commemorative Special Edition bottle by LOVE

This is the end of the Blue and White: Products edition. Please come and see a selection of blue and white ceramics that inspired many of these designers in our Blue and White: British Printed Ceramics display, Gallery 146 on the 6th floor.

Also keep an eye out for more Blue and White art and design on the way soon!

6 thoughts on “Blue and White: Products

Mrs. Annette:

Usually I skip blue and white for the very reason not every one likes the combination. My grandmother hated blue as a young child and y/a in 1891-1905. Her mother died so she and her sister moved away from home to escape the step mother redecorating the farm house in blue and white colors.
I found the blue and white “Blue Onion China” years later in a antique shop in St. Louis, MO USA. Thought the idea was wonderful and created the apartment in the blue and white-kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
Since this was 40 years ago, the blue and white color disappeared from my home and was happy to find this article on Blue and White design in fabric etc.
Mentioning something odd, 40 years ago a John Burroughs Library Tech, decorated her old farm house in the pattern of “Blue Onion.” I never knew so much design was available for home decorating for Gen had wall paper, table settings, curtain, fabric on her various chairs and davenport?? Whether the taste was beyond normal for some, the museum type level of home decorating delighted me. thanks atk

Kate Quinlan:

Thanks for your comment Annette. It seems Blue and White is everywhere, inspiring lots of artists and designers. The final Blue and White blog in this series will be live next week and will look at modern and contemporary artists using Blue and White.


Hi Kate, it’s another great article apart from the previous one – blue & white porcelain fashion. I am just wondering if you are writing more on this theme, but focusing on how designers make use of (antique) blue & white porcelain pieces/elements to create contemporary fashion pieces? I really would like to recommend our designer Yichuan who does so. If you need more information, you may just email me or check her jewellery pieces on our website: More luxurious art pieces are available to view on your request. Thanks!

Kate Quinlan:

Hi, I will be writing more on the theme of Blue and White and will be sure to keep Yichuan in mind as these are lovely jewellery pieces. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.


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artist Lana Arkhi:

Hi, Kate. Thank you very much.
I am so pleased to see blue and white collection at V&A.
I have painted blue and white porcelain for 27 years in Russia and England. Now I teach my students how to paint porcelain in Kent, England. I can say that all of them are very talented and their work looks amazing.
I think Blue and White is getting more and more popular nowadays.
Artist Lana Arkhi

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