Installation artworks from Marl Hole Project for British Ceramic Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent, October 2009 Liquid squidgey sloppy shiny dull matt flaky heavy crumbly runny rock hard. Clay… in all its forms. And as raw, basic and unprocessed as it gets. Marl Hole 2009. A film by Neil Brownsword, directed by Johnny Magee. A welcome addition to the Taking Time exhibition now showing at the Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire until June 6. Taking Time addresses many aspects of the Slow Movement, one being our relationship to material and place. In this film four international artists were invited to work with the stuff of the earth. Hands feet elbows legs knees; whole bodily engagement. Direct spontaneous uncomplicated; unadulterated tough creativity. Quite primal. What we don’t hear is any conversation at the end of each day or dialogue between the artists, no concluding thoughts to reflect on the experience. We are used to more documentary. The sound track is purposely minimal. It allows space (and time) for one’s own thoughts and cogitations. Walk away, not with the smug knowing of the whole story, but continuing to think and ponder. See it on a large screen during the exhibition tour. If not, relax, pour a glass of dry fino and take time to be drawn into the sound, breath and pace of this piece… …….. Marl Hole Part 1 ……. Marl Hole Part 2 …… Marl Hole Part 3 …….. I will be giving a public talk at the Harley Gallery on Saturday 24 April at 2pm. Tickets £5. To book 01909 501700.

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