Nanjing here I come!

Well the Chinese visa has been obtained, eventually, and all flights/accommodation booked. I am off on Friday 19th September. So, who am I? I am Susan Catcher, Senior Paper Conservator at the museum and have been lucky enough to been given money (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and the Anna Plowden Trust) to complete a trip to attend the IIC Conference in Hong Kong where I will give a paper, attend a workshop in Seoul to learn how to dye paper using natural plant material and spend a month in the scroll mounting department at Nanjing Museum. Working in Mandarin (not too good) and learning about ink rubbings and scroll mounting.



Working on a Chinese export wallpaper in the Paper Conservation Studio at the V&A and now displayed in the British Galleries.


I hope to provide a periodic travel update, so watch this space.

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