Seeing Red

There are certain questions one gets asked several times and one of these is why is the start of the exhibition red? The simple answer is it is theatrical. Red is a colour associate with theatre, often curtains and fittings are red in the theatre and all designers know that a liberal use of red onstage is likely to win a round of applause! There is nothing political about its choice. From early in the design process we all knew we wanted strong colours to balance the black in other areas of the galleries.

This week I have appreciated several visitors commenting on the theatre lights in the ‘propstore’ of the second gallery. ‘Where did you find them? Some of them are from even before my time’ said one senior gentleman who had spent his life in theatre. Yes I felt it was important to include the right lights and these working lights have been hired for the run of the exhibition. Those aware of the technical history of theatre obviously agree.

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