Unpacking Disobedient Objects

Welcome to London!  Puppets from the Bread and Puppet Theater arrive from Vermont

Before the ‘Disobedient Objects’ team kicks off this week, we would like to share some behind the scenes photographs that will keep us smiling till Friday.  This post is dedicated to the shipment from our lenders in America, whose disobedient objects are slowly arriving into the V&A, as we get ready for the exhibition’s instillation.

L.J Roberts’ banner arrives from New York.

Members of the V&A’s conservation department are also present during the unpacking process

In the countdown to the exhibition’s opening, many more updates to the ‘Disobedient Objects’ blog are to come.

To learn more about the origins of the Disobedient Objects pictured above, please click on the links below:

Puppets from the Bread and Puppet Theater

L.J Robert’s banner  

Cat Mazza & participants of the microRevolt project

ACT- UP New York, ‘Silence = Death’ poster  

Not An Alternative, Occupy Sandy way-finder street sign 

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