Detail of flower motif on needle lace veil, Belgian, 1890

Detail of flower motif on needle lace veil, Belgian, 1890

If you’re a Twitter-er, you might have spotted already that at 2pm on Wednesday 6th August I will be doing a Q&A on the V&A’s account. So, if you have any questions for me, be they about wedding dresses or the curatorial process, please tweet them in and I will do my best to answer them as we go along. If you could throw in the hashtags #WeddingDresses and #AskTheCurator when doing so, then all the better.

I really enjoyed the Blog Comments Q&A we did previously, and so I hope that you can take part again. These Q&As are a great way of getting your thoughts and finding out what interests you about the rather giant but endlessly captivating subject of wedding dress fashion history.

If you’re not a social media fan then never fear, I will compile the questions and my replies as a post on here afterwards.

Thanks for your support & I look forward to tinterweb-chatting with you.


2 thoughts on “#AskTheCurator

Charlotte Malte:

Loved the exhibition! Only wish I had remebered to jot down the name of the Belgian lace underwear maker both shown in pieces and film. an you help me?

BEST Charlotte

Pam Menzies:

I have discovered that my relatives in Leadhills, Scotland were Handflowerers. I would like to know what this means and wondered if you have examples of the lace/flowers that a hand flowerer would make.

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