Stories for Humans 2 – The Insanity Continues

 This panel just about sums it up:

I knew this would turn out crazy...

How right you are, dear Badger. 

After a lot of weeding out of random drawings and rude sketches, the comic began to take shape into something narrative, if very bizarre. Now it has reached a length where it covers all of the boards, giving a pleasing effect of completeness. Of course, people are still welcome to add panels, the older ones will just be shunted off the top right corner to make room.

The “story” was rendered even more odd by panels falling off and being placed back in a different order. This merely adds to the rather surreal effect. Many thanks to those visitors who kept re-introducing the Badger character from panel 1 to give a sense, however tenuous, of consistency! 

Stories for Humans full wall.

Overall this group project is going really well, and in some truly unexpected tangents. I hope to be able to put the whole story on the web once the display goes down. 

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