Stories for Humans 3 – The End

 Thanks to everyone who added work to the giant comic in the Stories for Humans display. I am hoping to get a digital version on the web, so that it will be possible to read the whole thing. Apologies to those I had to weed out! Non-sequiturs, rude pictures, and “I woz ‘ere”s were summarily removed. 

This is the wall in its final state.

Stories for Humans, the End

It was sad to see the display taken down at the end of November. I  have fond memories of walking past and watching students drawing from the comic pages on display, accosting them and asking what they were doing. I was particularly pleased when a group of students from Bristol had come up to the V&A for a day and Stories for Humans was one of the displays they had been specifically asked to see by their tutor. 

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