Boat Lamp

I like the glass work hanging at the main entrance of the V&A. It’s really beautiful and makes the space amazing.

V&A glass work

So I thought I should hang something in my studio to decorate the space. Then I thought about my hometown’s boats. It’s very traditional and brings back my memories. Using coloured paper I folded many boats and then I put them in line on my desk to form the V&A logo.

V&A logo

Sitting on my chair I thought ‘I need a lamp to decorate the space. It’s too big and cold’. Then you can see the boat lamps hanging in my studio.

Boat lamp 1
Boat lamp 2

我想我也应该挂些什么东西在我的工作室装饰那个空间。然后我想到了我故乡的乌篷船。非常传统能唤起我童年的回忆。我用各种颜色的彩色纸折了很多。放在桌上 排列成V&A的标志。坐在椅上我想我需要一盏灯来装饰这个空间。这个工作室的空间太大感觉很冷。现在你就能看到在我工作室挂着的这些小船灯。 

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