Crafted in Food Workshop

Last Friday evening we had a workshop about using food to design. When I was young in China, my parents used flour to make toys on New Year as gifts for kids. We were poor at that time but we were happy to receive those special gifts. It’s amazing how people’s creativity is not restricted by money or adverse circumstances. Now we have money to buy gifts but we’ve missed something important.

Food is a basic need for human beings but it’s also a good and interesting material to make designs and that’s why we organized this workshop with the hope that visitors would enjoy crafting with food and have fun.

We didn’t prepare a lot of food. Food is very important and we shouldn’t waste it so we recycled it. If someone finished a masterpiece we would take a picture for him or her. And then others would reuse the food to make their masterpiece. I made some samples but visitors were more creative than me. They did a lot of masterpieces. I learned a lot from them.

Crafted in Food Workshop I
Crafted in Food Workshop II


上周五晚上我们组织了一个用食物做设计的劳技课。这个概念来 自幼年的记忆,记得小时候父母会用面粉年糕之类的东西做些小玩意给我们小孩子作为新年的礼物,因为那时穷,但是当拿到这样的礼物时很开心,人类丰富的创造 力不会受贫穷和条件所限制。但是现在我们有钱买得起礼物了,我们却遗忘了最重要的东西。同时食物又是人类最基本的需求。食物本身是一种很好的又有趣的设计 材料。所以我们组织了这个劳技课希望大家能从中得到启发和找到儿时的乐趣。我们没有准备太多的食物,因为食物很重要,是拿来吃的,所以我们不想浪费食物。 在活动中我们将食物循环利用,当一个人完成大作后我们给他拍一张照片留作纪念,同时后来的人可以重新拿这些食物去做他们的大作。开始时我做了一些样品,启 发大家如何用食物做不同种东西,我发现来宾的创造力很强,我比富有创造力,他们做了很多杰作,我也从他们中学到了很多东西。

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