Fortune Boat Workshop

Last Friday evening we also had a workshop where we folded fortune boats with New Year’s wishes inside. Around 400 visitors came that night so our staff was quite busy. But it was very nice to see that visitors would help others once they learnt how to fold their boat. Thanks to all the visitors that came in that night and to all the staff. I wish good luck to everyone in the Year of the Ox!

NOTE: If you missed the workshop and would like to make your own fortune boat, you can read the step-by-step tutorial at

Fortune Boat Workshop

折幸运纸船上周五晚上我们同时组织了另一个新年劳技课,折一只幸运纸船写下你的新年祝福。那天晚上来了400人左右,所以我们的工作人员有点忙不 过来,但是来宾很友善,他们自己学会后会帮助边上的人或者后来的人。非常感谢那天晚上的所有来宾和工作人员。祝你们牛年大吉!  

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