One Man’s Junk

Weds, 21 Jan 2009

Yesterday, my fellow resident, Lao, showed me the road behind the Museum where there’s a skip containing potentially interesting discarded things. Lao clambered into the skip and started rummaging. Amidst an old standing lamp, a filing cabinet, black bags of rubbish etc, he managed to dig out an old piece of board that could’ve been a door to a cupboard, some old wire, and strange metal contraptions which he took back with him to the studio for further exploration.

I salvaged two long thin pieces of aluminium panels and a power-breaker with sockets for two switches. Quite what I’ll do with them I have no idea, but I liked the look of them.

On another day, we found a big discarded box the size of a small coffin, containing a large array of broken light bulbs. Naturally, we took some. I also came across a good assortment of pieces of wood.

Now I have to sharpen my wood cutting tools.

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