Introducing the Fashioned from Nature Blog

We’re excited to launch our blog for our upcoming exhibition Fashioned from Nature (opening 21 April 2018).  We’ll be taking you behind the scenes and reveal what goes into putting on a show of this scale.  You’ll be hearing from the people involved, from the curator, conservators, and designers, to the front of house staff, exhibition designers and the people behind the advertising campaign.  You’ll discover the stories of the star objects in the show, the curator’s vision, the exhibition designer’s concepts and the passion of the fashion designers and brands involved.  In our first post, we’ll introduce this topical exhibition that investigates the complex relationship between fashion and nature and how we can build a more sustainable fashion industry that works for everyone.

Woven silk train for an evening dress, France or Britain, c. 1897-1905 ® Victoria & Albert Museum

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