National Funding Scheme Launches at the V&A

The V&A is working with the National Funding scheme to help launch DONATE, a digital platform that aims to increase giving to the arts. At the moment we’re one of just 11 organisations involved, and they span a number of different types; from huge, national galleries to small, touring theatre companies, it’s about supporting the arts at all levels, up and down the country.

Other instutions supported by DONATE

Here’s a short film from the National Funding Scheme on what it’s all about:

At the moment we’ve got two campaigns that are live online, the Restoration of the Cast Courts and Exploring the Collections.

The Cast Courts are among two of our most popular galleries, and major restoration work on the casts themselves, and the galleries that house them, is underway.

Restoration of the Cast Courts. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

We also put on an extensive range of free daily tours that are the perfect way to engage with our collections, and for those of you looking for a broader overview of the Museum, the Introductory Tour will give you everything you need to get started. The tours are lead by staff and volunteers who donate their time to support us in our aim to bring to life our diverse collections.

Free daily tours. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

DONATE provide a number of easy ways of giving via your mobile device. You can donate by text, NFC chip, QR code or simply by entering the web address in your browser.

Kirstie Allsop

© National Funding Scheme

You can make a one off donation or sign up to the National Funding Scheme, so that it’s quicker and easier to make a donation the next time you’re out visiting one of your favourite cultural destinations.  

If all goes well DONATE looks set to roll out across many more organisations before the end of the year. The ethos behind it all is to get more people aware that even small donations can make a huge difference. It really is the case that every donation counts.  

Show your support for the arts and DONATE to the V&A today.

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