turns 20!

Today is the 20th birthday of Having arrived on its due date 20 years ago, it was nurtured through the early years of museum digital infancy, enjoyed all the freedom, self-discovery and turbulence of the teenage years and has grown into a sophisticated, well-adjusted and thoughtful website. Following huge reinvention earlier this year, a significant shop relaunch and the forthcoming release of a shiny new What’s On experience, the website is facing in to its third decade looking better than ever.

So what else was going on the day our website came in to being? Let’s take a look back at some other key moments from this special birthday…

Space Shuttle Columbia, launches into space from Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida.


Lunar rocket furnishing fabric, designed by Eddie Squires for Warner & Sons, 1969, United Kingdom. Museum no. CIRC.45-1970. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Jesus Christ Superstar opens at the Lyceum Theatre, London WC2.


Set model for Jesus Christ Superstar at the Lyceum Theatre, John Napier, 1996, United Kingdom. Museum no. S.17:2-2008. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

We were being entertained by The Spice Girls.


Spice Girls toy, Galoob Toys Inc, 1997, China. Museum no. B.120:1 to 124:1-1998. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

There was widespread snow across England.


A sportsman in a snow scene, print, formerly attributed to Thomas Bewick, 1797, Britain. Museum no. E.1392-1976. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Happy birthday Here’s to another 20 great years!

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Is it possible to see what the website looked like when it was first launched and what kind of content was on it? Thanks!

kumarakom houseboat:

haha. good pics. congratz for completing the 20 years in this field. i really like to visit the the design and appearance are stunning. keep going.

Alleppey Houseboat:

It great to hear that completed 20 years. I liked the model for Jesus Christ Superstar at the Lyceum Theatre


The post contains many useful info. Thx

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