Constable Digital Kids activity to do at home

As the Constable: The Making of a Master exhibition enters its final month at the Victoria & Albert Museum and with young animators and digital painters anticipating new tablets for Christmas presents; this refresh of the basic instructions for PhotoViva and PuppetPals apps from the two Constable themed families activities this term, should provide a well-timed reminder of the inspiring and creative techniques available. Enjoy! And remember to post the links to your works in the comments section below!

Information, about Constable: The Making of a Master can be found on the museum’s website

Digital Kids: Copying Constable was held on Saturday 25th October until Sunday 2nd November and the recent one day Digital Kids: Constable Animation activity on the 7th December.


From Digital Kids: Copying Constable

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From Digital Kids: Copying Constable


From Digital Kids: Copying Constable


From Digital Kids: Copying Constable


From Digital Kids: Copying Constable

Instructions for Digital Kids activities with PhotoViva & Puppet Pals:

Digital Kids Copying Constable activity with PhotoViva

Digital Kids using Puppet Pals – Constable Instructions


Digital Kids is a regular, free drop-in event for families and children aged 5+ to work with the museum’s equipment and create digital artworks with help from experts and staff.


Digital Kids, January – March 2015 listings:

January 25th 10:30 – 17:00, Learning Centre

February 14th – February 22nd, 10:30 – 17:00, Learning Centre

March 22nd 10:30 -17:00, Learning Centre


More information about the Learning Department’s events  can be found here:

Past works from the Digital Learning Team’s family’s activities can be viewed on our Flickr and Youtube accounts:


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