Being based on the sixth floor has the advantage of having to walk through the whole museum as I come and go from the studio.  I have already developed favourite routes and an ever growing list of favourite objects I pass each day.  It feels quite magical to be given a key to this vast building and the possibility to spend time exploring the collections in depth.

A highlight of the first few weeks has been a trip to the museum store at Blythe House.  Reino Liefkes (Senior Curator Ceramics & Glass Collection) showed me images of a collection of fragments from a Meissen fountain and kindly took me to the store where I could handle and photograph the objects.  They are beautiful and all the more fascinating in their fragmented state; an exquisite puzzle.

Blythe House, the former headquarters for the Post Office Savings Bank, is an incredible place in itself with endless corridors and rooms.  Even the old toilet cubicles are used as storage spaces.

So far, in the studio I have been working on unfired test pieces and spending time drawing from objects in the collection.  

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