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How to build trust while building products

What would you say is the right answer? The most important thing that drives progress when building products is… Testing once you’ve built something Silence while you’re building Communication at all times If you’re a product manager at a large museum, your core team are not only the developers, designers and content creators working out […]

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How we build products at the V&A – agile or fragile?

What does it really mean to be agile at a museum? Do we risk shipping half-baked products if we adopt the principles of the lean startup? Can we ever be truly agile if we need to urgently address security issues midway through a sprint? The trouble with the agile methodology is that everyone seems to […]

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Introducing our Zotero group

As part of our preparatory work before we start re-implementing site search on our website (and further down the line when we look at redeveloping the V&A’s Search the Collections site), we are reading relevant academic literature (journal access permitting!) to learn from other’s experiences – what’s worked and what’s not.  As a useful way to record […]

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Easy image alignment with IIIF

Silk taffeta evening dress, Balenciaga. X-ray © Nick Veasey, 2016.

This blog post is an edited version of a presentation I originally gave at the 2017 Summer IIIF conference at the Vatican. The V&A holds many of the UK’s national collections and houses some of the greatest resources for the study of a wide range of art and design subjects. As such, it is a place where […]

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Capturing moments at the Museum

Last week, for the first time, one of our videos reached 1 million views on Facebook. The film shows the embroiders at the Sankalan studio in Jaipur, and as their work is done so quickly it would be difficult to see what’s happening with the naked eye. This is a skill that takes years to […]

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Exploring how to order a museum’s digital collections

How would you categorise a museum’s collections, so that users can find what they want? ‘Average’, ‘Fair’, ‘Good’ and ‘OK’? It’s safe to say this suggestion from our remote user testing didn’t make it to our final list of categories. Here’s how we went about rethinking our online collections page. So what’s the issue When […]

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Family fun: the design secrets behind Secret Seekers

This is a glimpse into the design process behind Secret Seekers, the V&A’s new game for families, starting with a three day onsite ‘Creative Sprint’ at the V&A and ending at the glamorous launch of the new Exhibition Road Quarter on a balmy June evening. A great game starts with a great brief and the […]

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V&A Secret Seekers – designing a new mobile game for family visitors

V&A Secret Seekers © Victoria and Albert Museum

The history of the V&A and its buildings is a fascinating one, with its origins as the Museum of Manufactures in 1852, to the incredible mix of Victorian and state-of-the-art spaces our visitors encounter today. An array of architects, engineers, designers, artists and craftspeople have worked on the museum’s buildings and galleries over the last 150 […]

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The V&A Exhibition road ticketing screens

The unveiling of the newly installed ticketing screens in the V&A's new Exhibitio road Quarter

Earlier this year, with only two months until the new V&A Exhibition Road Quarter opened it’s doors to the public, I was given the rather urgent task of designing a digital interface, to allow visitors to buy tickets from self-service kiosks. The starting point for the digital design aspect of this project was certainly unusual. The concept had been conceived […]

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How my nephew taught me to be a better product manager

In my experience, a product manager is everything but a specialist. You’re not the technical brain, the business expert or the user experience mastermind per se, but you’re in charge of making sense of them all to find the best solution.   Admitting what you don’t know and asking why at opportune moments can be incredibly helpful […]

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