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We are a group of cataloguers, photographers, curators and volunteers, nicknamed ‘the Factory’. We are working through the stored collections of the Prints, Designs, Photographs, Paintings and Digital Art sections of the Word and Image department at the V&A, making sure that images and existing data about the items we hold are available to the public via Search the Collections.

These posts are about the objects we come across during our work cataloguing, photographing and curating the Word and Image collections of Prints, Designs, Photographs, Paintings and Digital Art currently in store at the V&A. Anything you see here is available to view in the Prints and Drawings Study Room.

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Who’s in a Name? Paquin and the Named Design, 1898-1950

'Au Son du Cor.' Suit designed by Lou Claverie for Paquin, Winter 1950-51

In the world of fashion since the 20th century, many dresses have names that were given to them during the design process. Among the most famous examples are ‘Bar,’ the cream and black skirt suit that became the most widely recognised ensemble from Christian Dior’s 1947 ‘New Look’ collection; and ‘Sorbet,’ Paul Poiret’s 1913 kimono-styled, […]

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Living the high life in Hackney

Coloured woodcut by an unknown artist, c. 1811. Museum no. E.4766-1923

  This colourful print of a hot-air balloon flight caught my eye while I was cataloguing a collection of prints and drawings relating to Hackney and other East London boroughs. As it happens to be the 204th anniversary of the event depicted, it seemed the perfect opportunity to share the story. James Sadler (1753-1828) was […]

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Haute Sportswear at Paquin, 1905-1950

'Télémark.' Forest-green ski suit with blouson bodice and long trousers, and matching long overcoat. Designed by Ana de Pombo for Paquin, Winter 1935-36.

A common perception of haute couture is that it is about glamorous evening gowns and special occasion day wear. These days, perhaps that isn’t so far off the mark, but there was a time when couturiers produced clothing for almost any occasion that a lady might require special garments for. Some establishments, such as the […]

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Alfred Percival Maudslay and the V&A


Albumen print from a gelatin dry plate negative

These striking photographs caught my eye recently, as I don’t normally come across material relating to the Maya in the Photographs Collection. Research showed me they were taken by Alfred Percival Maudslay (1850-1931), a British colonial diplomat, explorer and archaeologist who was one of the first modern archeologists to study the Mayan civilization. He began his career working for the […]

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Gertrude Bell and Hatra, Iraq


Photograph depicting a detail of a lintel in room 10 of the summer palace at Hatra, Iraq.

Here at the V&A we have recently found a small number of photographs taken by the writer, archaeologist, and political administrator Gertrude Bell. These came to light when the recent destruction of Iraqi cultural sites prompted us to look through our collection to discover if we had any images of the places which have been damaged or destroyed. These photographs show […]

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K.A.C. Creswell’s Middle East Views at the V&A


Keppel Archibald Cameron (Professor Sir) Creswell (1879-1974), The views from this acquisition were most probably produced by Creswell himself.  Archive records make reference to the photographs having been taken to a 'consistent plan of illustrating Mahommedan[sic] architecture chronologically'.  While Creswell also collected views made by other photographers working in the region, the timing of the offer, the wording in much of the correspondence, and Creswell's insistence on controlling the copyright, suggests that these views were taken by Creswell himself.
Egypt; Cairo
Archival papers relating to this acquistion suggest that these views were taken by Professor Creswell during time spent documenting Islamic architecture in the Middle East starting in 1919.  They were first offered to the Art Library at the V&A in September 1920 and despatched by Creswell in batches, with the order completed 13 April 1921. 1919 to 1921
Black and white photograph

As part of a long term and ongoing project to digitize the whole of the V&A’s collection, a large archive of Middle East topographical photographs dating from the mid-19th century to early-20th century is being analysed and systematically catalogued. These views first came into the collection through the National Art Library (NAL) which began acquiring […]

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Impractical shoes


To mark the opening of our wonderful ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ exhibition, I’d like to share with you these photographs, which came to light as part of my ongoing research into the historic reference photographs we have here at the V&A. These images show shoes in the collection of the Musée de Cluny in Paris. […]

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Views of Norway

V&A: 685-1918 (detail)Photograph of a view of Gejrangerfjord, Søndmør (Norway), taken by  Axel Lindahl

Around a year ago I received some visitors from the Norsk Folkemuseum near Oslo. Ahead of their visit I searched through our photographs collection to see what images we had which related to Norway, ready to show our guests. I was pleased to find we had some very beautiful 19th century photographs of Norwegian landscapes and […]

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Paquin: Parisian Fashion Designs 1897-1954

'Poursuite'. Design for a skirt suit and coat by Lou Claverie for Paquin, Paris, mid-1950.

Over the last few years I have been working through a remarkable collection of over 9,700 fashion designs from the House of Paquin. Covering the period from Winter 1897 to Winter 1953-54, these designs (many bound in impressively hefty volumes) were acquired in 1957 following the 1956 disestablishment of the Paris House of Worth, who […]

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Unsung Artists : May Morris (1862-1938)

Photograph of May Morris by Frederick Hollyer

One of the best things about working on the Factory project is the range of different artists and designers that we come across while cataloguing. The V&A’s collection of works on paper is huge (741,000 objects and counting!) and amongst the famous names like Constable and Raphael, there are a wealth of fascinating and talented […]

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