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News from the Learning Department brings you stories about Learning Programmes covering all audiences: families, young people, schools and teachers, higher education students, adults, communities, and the creative industries. Our team of writers will take you behind the scenes of our programmes and bring you highlights of our events.

The Learning Department programmes events, activities, courses and projects to inspire creativity in all of our audiences. We also manage gallery interpretation, residency programmes and evaluation.

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Blue birds and BSL

Pop up Performance, Family Art Fun © Victoria and Albert Museum

Do you want to learn the secrets of the Willow Pattern, be transported into a magical fairy-tale world or dress up and dance like 80’s pop star Adam Ant? This winter and spring we have a number of British Sign Language Interpreted (BSL) interactive performances for families as part of our regular Saturday’s Pop up […]

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Intoart Drawing Tours

Andre Williams, Armour Design, about 1585, Room 57

  Intoart is an artist-led visual arts organisation based in London working with adults and young people with learning disabilities. The V&A have worked closely with Intoart to produce a series of six tours that use artist’s drawings as a means of exploring the V&A collections.   Over six visits to the Museum, artists Andre Williams, Christian […]

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Singing the blues – February Half-Term

Willow Pattern detail

This February Half-Term the families’ team have set the theme for our activities as the Willow Pattern and blue and white ceramics to tie in with the new Blue and White: British Printed Ceramics display on Level 6 in the Ceramics Gallery.  We just love the blue and white patterns in these pieces and have became fascinated […]

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Free Workshop – Digital Print for Fashion and Interior Design

Neuberg_Vasarely Blend 2

Calling all young designers! If you are thinking of starting a career or heading into further study in creative arts, a new V&A programme will help you build a portfolio, meet professionals and gain new skills to start your journey. Join us this weekend, get creative and share your ideas with us.     The […]

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V&A Schools, the Creative Industries and a stained glass car of the future….

Stained Glass Car of the Future

The V&A Schools programme gives students and teachers the chance work with professional artists and designers and provides insights into the creative industries. So, at the start of another new term I thought it would be nice to look back at how we’ve been doing this over the last term and look ahead to some […]

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‘You’ve got Juliet Capulet’s balcony?!’

The Bed of Ware

Yes, we have! … well… not quite! What we do have, in the magnificent street-setting of the Medieval and Renaissance galleries, are rare surviving examples of balcony panels from the Palazzo Pola in Trevis, Italy. Probably carved in the workshop of Pietro Lombardo around 1490, squint and you can almost imagine Juliet leaning demurely over […]

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Geometric shapes and glitter

Family Art Fun, Christmas 2014-15 @ Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Family Art Fun programme of activities over Christmas and New Year’s. We had over 5,300 people take part in our Russian Avant-garde inspired activities. It was lovely to meet you and thank you for your wonderfully creative designs and of course for your dancing! For The Imagination Station […]

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Constable Digital Kids activity to do at home

Constable Digital Kids Activity for Families

As the Constable: The Making of a Master exhibition enters its final month at the Victoria & Albert Museum and with young animators and digital painters anticipating new tablets for Christmas presents; this refresh of the basic instructions for PhotoViva and PuppetPals apps from the two Constable themed families activities this term, should provide a well-timed reminder […]

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Dancing with shapes

Dancing with shapes

We’re excited about designs and ideas coming to life and dancing off the page this Christmas and New Year’s with our programme of families activities focused on the new Russian Avant-garde Theatre: War, Revolution and Design 1913-1933 display. Activities will run from Saturday 27 December – Sunday 4 January. We chose this display as the theme for our […]

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‘An Act of Remembrance’…

‘An Act of Remembrance.’…  I suppose, like many of us, I first heard this phrase in a school assembly. Or perhaps I heard it on the television. Our family were probably watching BBC commemorative coverage, live at the Cenotaph and although I didn’t understand what it meant, I knew, from the way my gran always […]

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