The V&A’s sculpture collection contains approximately 22,000 objects and concentrates on Western European Sculpture from the 4th century to the end of the 19th century. Highlights of the collection include masterpieces from the Italian Renaissance, ivory carvings of all periods, Northern European wood and other sculpture, commemorative medals and plaster casts.

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Guest Post: The David in the Hall – Creating Casts of Michelangelo’s David

Image of the Giust Gallery’s head of David. Image, courtesy of the Giust Gallery.

Kayla Malouin is the Curator of the Caproni Collection at the Giust Gallery in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. At the Giust Gallery in Massachusetts, our plaster cast of Michelangelo’s head of David is dear to us. It rests on its own pedestal just beyond the Gallery’s narrow entrance and, if viewed from the doorway, it is […]

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