Textiles and Fashion

The V&A holds the national collection of Textiles and Fashion, which spans a period of more than 5000 years, from Predynastic Egypt to the present day. The collection is one of the world’s largest and the most wide-ranging. More than 75,000 individual objects or sets of objects are cared for jointly by the Asian Department and the Furniture, Textiles and Fashion Department, from a broad geographic area covering Europe, South, South East, East and Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

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Joubert Guest Post: Reading Joubert: Stop and Study the Roses


Iris Moon is a visiting assistant professor in the School of Architecture at the Pratt Institute, New York.  She discovered Joubert while doing research on the Lyon silk industry for a new project on luxury during the French Revolution. She was happy to have the chance to discuss his book with specialists in textiles at the Courtauld […]

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Joubert Guest Post: Joubert and Saint-Aubin: Translating the Textile Trades


Tabitha Baker is a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership PhD student at the University of Warwick and the V&A, supervised jointly by Professor Lesley Miller and Professor Giorgio Riello. Her project is entitled “The Embroidery Trade in Eighteenth-Century France” and  she is investigating the skills, products and networks of the French embroiderers in eighteenth-century Paris and Lyon. In December 2015 she […]

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Joubert: Anna Maria Garthwaite, and Women Working in Silk Design


One of the most unusual, and refreshing aspects that I have found whilst reading Le Dessinateur are Joubert’s opinions on women being involved in the process of silk design, which he discusses in the introduction to the manual.  Working on the project has given me the opportunity to expand on my own research interests, which is why I found […]

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Joubert Guest Post: Interpreting the Lionel Harris collection of textiles at the Courtauld Institute of Art through Joubert

Courtauld blog 1-1

A recent MA graduate of Professor Katie Scott’s course: The Case of Eighteenth-Century France at the Courtauld Institute of Art,  Lucy Scovell was invited to return with former MA colleagues to co-curate an intimate exhibition of textiles belonging to the Courtauld’s Lionel Harris Collection. Eye & Hand was curated through the lens of Joubert de l’Hiberderie’s manual […]

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Joubert Guest Post: Joubert Manual: A Path to Textiles Comprehension


This week’s blogpost is from another participant of the workshop – Moira Dato, who is a graduate of Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, and is currently studying at the University of Glasgow. I discovered Joubert in the first year of my masters, through my research in secondary sources in which he was quoted numerous times: he […]

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Joubert: An Anglophile in Lyon


As you know already, on 5th of March  we will be having a conference on Joubert and his influences here in London. It is not by chance that Joubert is brought back to life here in the UK. He actually had a strong connection to England. Despite his misfortune under Claude Pernon, Joubert was an acclaimed […]

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Joubert Guest Post: Embroidery Designs


This week’s blog post comes from a participant from the workshop in December , Sarah Piettre, who is a graduate of the Université Paris IV – Sorbonne, and currently working at the Chanel archive. While studying my MA, I wrote my dissertation on the iconography of embroidered motifs which adorned male waistcoats from the late […]

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Joubert: An eighteenth century travel guide to Paris


In our previous posts, we’ve introduced the workshop, and provided context on the book and its author. This is week is a bit of a departure from silk design, as it concerns Joubert’s advice on visiting Paris. Lyonnais silk designers such as Joubert were preoccupied with how best to respond to the demand from Paris – […]

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Joubert: Life of Joubert and Conference


In 2016, an eighteenth-century manual will be revived here, in London. This manual is Le Dessinateur pour les etoffes d’or, d’argent et de soie, which in English would more or less mean The Gold, Silver, and Silk Fabrics’ Designer. Its author was the adventurous Antoine Nicolas Joubert de l’Hiberderie. I have branded him adventurous because […]

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A Chemise for Clean Comfort



possibly Great Britain
Linen, trimmed at the neck with muslin frill

In a meeting late last week, a colleague was talking about the importance of caring for your clothes, and loving and enjoying a garment for something other than its newness. In Japan, certain traditions fold around their cultural idea that material (and so, by association, clothing) grows more beautiful with age and wear. There is […]

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