V&A Faces

V&A Faces gives an insight into the everyday lives and opinions of the Front of House Staff. We recount our experiences, secret passions and memorable events, as well giving useful hints and on how to make the most of your visit to the world’s greatest museum of art and design.

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Volunteers at V&A

Welcoming the world to the V&A

Communication is a tricky thing – get it right and everyone’s happy, get it even slightly wrong and all sorts of trouble ensues. At the V&A we volunteers do our best to understand what people are asking for in a thousand different tongues. Many of our volunteers have language skills either because of nationality or […]

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Casket with saints and other figures, carved ivory on wood, painted and gilt, possibly Sicily or Southern Italy, c.1100-1200. Museum no. 603-1902 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Making Connections

As a student at the Courtauld Institute of Art my perception of the V&A’s collections is often shaped by my art historical studies. Over the last couple of years I have experienced the museum both as a student and as a volunteer. I have been volunteering as a Welcoming Ambassador at the V&A for a […]

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So far.

I have decided to become a volunteer on my second year of university. I am studying history of art and I am interested in every aspect of “behind-the-scenes” of art institutions. When I made this decision I started doing my research for placements on-line and (like a sign from Heaven) Victoria and Albert Museum was […]

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Madam, breakfast is served

The V&A Café was originally established as a restaurant, in which Victorian folk could purchase a reasonably priced evening meal, before exploring the vast collections. However, for me, breakfast, not dinner, is the most inspiring meal of the day. That said, fast-forward 157 years, and you can get a very hearty breakfast at today’s V&A […]

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The Sorry Tale of Saint Ursula

For sheer drama and eccentric plot, there is little to beat ‘The Martyrdom of St Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins,’ a Northern Renaissance painting which shows poor Ursula and her companions being slaughtered by a band of Huns. The picture can be found in room 50b, within the Medieval and Renaissance galleries. According to legend, […]

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A journey that led me to the V&A

In 2006, a journey that would change my life began. I had been a London Cabbie (taxi driver) for forty years, but I became seriously ill, and after major surgery, I decided to retire. This meant I had lots of free time, and given that I had never achieved anything of an academic nature, I […]

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László Moholy-Nagy 1895 – 1946

Hi, my name is Janine Georg and I would like to share my passion for the 20th century Hungarian abstract painter and photographer, László Moholy-Nagy. Moholy-Nagy was a versatile artist and prolific writer. The media he engaged with were photography, film, typography, advertisement and painting. In each of these genres he excelled through his keen […]

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Romance & Love at the V&A

As February, the month of love and St Valentine’s Day, draws to a close, I wanted to share a few examples of romantic gestures that can be found on display at the V&A. Given by Gerald Harris, in memory of his wife Sylvia, this locket encapsulates a romantic gesture with its heart shaped padlock form […]

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New English Calligraphy – China in the V&A

All good things must come to an end, and for the exhibition Masterpieces of Chinese Painting 700 – 1900 that was the case on Sunday 19th Jan 2014. But, you still have until this Sunday, the opportunity to visit the John Madejski Garden at the V&A to enjoy Travelling to the Wonderland, an installation by […]

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Meet the team

Abed Bhatti – Volunteer Hi, my name is Abed Bhatti, and let me start off by welcoming you to the V&A Faces blog, the brainchild of Nathalie Joseph-Ali, who is a gallery supervisor at the V&A, and Caterina Lacueva Bisquert, an administrative assistant and volunteers co-ordinator within the V&A visitor services department. As the Lead […]

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