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Week 13: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

3D scanning is essentially taking a multitude of photos around an object, recording reality in a slightly reduced form. The direct visible result of a scan has a certain aesthetic appeal but can’t quite be compared to what you would achieve with a regular camera. The benefits of a 3D scan actually lie below the surface, in the […]

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Week 9: Leda and the Neon

Has Greek mythology ever disappointed in delivering absurd story lines? Not that we can think of. Take for instance Leda and the Swan, the classic tale of Zeus appearing in the form of a swan to seduce Leda. Although the story has been depicted by many artists and in different form over the years, our attention was caught […]

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Week 7: If loving a goat is wrong, we don’t want to be right

During the last two weeks we have been going through the museum to scan the first objects we found both good-looking (e.g. Narcissus, Museum no. 7560-1861) and interesting. Ticking both boxes, the life-sized, porcelain Meissen goat (Museum no. C.111-1932) evoked great feelings of joy with all of us and so it was agreed that this had to be our first Muse. The goat is one of […]

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The T/Shirt Issue – first V&A blog post

Hello and welcome to our first blog post!  We’re about to embark on a journey to the centre of the V&A and would very much like to share this special experience with you. Hosted by both the Museum and the Goethe Institut London, our Digital Design Residency will run from April until the end of […]

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SAM proto thumb

Play it Again SAM: Replicating Cybernetic Sculpture using 3D Printing

There are a number of examples of sculptures created in the 20th century using synthetic materials that have already degraded to a point where conservation is unfeasible (and sometimes even impossible). This can also be the case where where works have been made with electronic components that have become obsolete and impossible to replace. In these contexts, […]

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What’s the Future of 3D Printing?

As part of the London Design Festival at the V&A 2013, the Science Museum joined forces with the V&A to present an inspiring panel discussion on the future of 3D printing. With the V&A’s Hochhauser Auditorium packed to the rafters, visitors listened to a panel of scientists and technical experts discuss their views on 3D […]

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How ready is 3D for delivering museum services?

Reflections from people using 3D for real in museums. They are from two great pre-conferenceworkshops at Museums and the Web 2013 in Portland.As it stands right now there are a number of issues and service delivery challenges for managers looking to embed 3D features permanently into their museum services. Useable 3D technology exists in one form or another now, that can do amazing things that can be used to build great services, but some care is needed to scope this work.

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Helen & Hard – ‘Ratatosk’ progress images

I've finally got hold of some of those amazing images that the Helen & Hard team showed me in the presentation at their studio in Stavanger last week. Shown here, above and below, you can see some of the 3D scanning/modelling drawings – representing the stage before the ash trees are sent to the wood workshop to be carved using a CNC milling machine, based on these very precise 3D 'maps'. Perhaps even more exciting…this is my first glimpse of some of the milling actully taking place. We've had a prototype tree in the office for quite a few months, …

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