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The Palace Museum/V&A exchange

When I heard, back in May 2009, that an agreement on an exchange of exhibitions had been reached with the Palace Museum in Beijing I was both excited and apprehensive. There were good reasons to be excited – the Palace Museum is the custodian of all the things that once belonged to emperors and their immediate families. Everything in its collection is of ‘imperial’ quality. No artefacts used by commoners or low-ranking state officials would ever enter its storehouse. To a curator of Chinese art there is no better place to learn about court life and imperial taste. Birds eye …

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Fold Along Dotted Line

Since beginning this blog early in 2009, Ihave been trying to come up with examples in which preparatory sketches have a direct impact on a finished design. But only now, as 2010 is upon us, has it finally occurred to me to write about the activity in which this happens most directly of all:folding. With no tools at all, you can take a piece of paper, marked in all the right places, and turn it into a sculpture. The most sophisticated type of folding there is, of course, is the East Asian craft of origami. Normally the papers used are …

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