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A Deliciously Sweet Treat in Store…

Back in April last year a swarm of bee’s, around 40,000 arrived from Northern Italy and Wales and made their home on the expansive roof of the V&A. During the glorious summer months a happy humm reverberated around SW7 as the bees busily buzzed around a three mile radius of the V&A, enjoying the abundance […]

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News from the V&A Bees

I am one of the V&A Visitor Services Ambassadors and I have also volunteered to help look after the V&A bees. The V&A installed four beehives in a sheltered corner of the roof of the museum in spring this year. The V&A bees originate from populations in Northern Italy and Wales. The hives were installed […]

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The V&A Beehives

Typically conservators regard insects as troublesome pests that represent a very real danger to the safety of our collections. No-one who has witnessed the havoc that can be wreaked by the larvae of the webbing clothes moth or carpet beetle would fail to understand why the presence any insect in, on, or near museum objects is something to […]

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Creating a Buzz: Meet the V&A Bees

The V&A is proud to announce that on the 4th April, a delivery of four honey bee hives arrived at the Museum. After much logistical effort, including the reinstatement of an historic winching system, the bees were hoisted onto the roof and located in a sheltered part of seven acre roof space. With a flight […]

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