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Mobile access continues to grow, but has tablet access stalled?

Year on year (roughly!) growth of mobile and tablet traffic 2012 - 2015. Mobile is steadily growing. Tablet may have peaked

This graphic is a good reminder us that we should all keep reviewing our data, not just collect it. Back in 2013, we published this post about quick wins for optimising visitor pages: Making visitor information easier for mobile phone users At the time, The increase in mobile and tablet access was steadily increasing. Someone asked me recently if the […]

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The Story Conference 2015 – Reflections from a Web Developer

Botanicalls sensor

It may seem odd for a web developer to attend The Story Conference 2015, a conference about story telling, and as was mentioned at the beginning of the day, it is certainly a difficult event to summarise in one blog post, however for me there were many things to take away from it. Here are […]

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MuseumNext 2014 – APPS v WEB and other digital grudge matches

Image fo Sumo wrestler with Grudge Match on chest

Apps or web? Is data the friend of users or creepy intrusion? Does project envy lead to closed thinking or can we learn from others? These are just a few of the museum technology-management topics getting some lively exchanges recently in Newcastle/Gateshead, at the ever-stimulating MuseumNext. These are not new debates, even for museums, but thinking has evolved with museum products and services over […]

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Data, Discovery and Debate – Day One of Thinking Digital 2014


There are some truly fantastic people working in the world of digital for museums, however it’s nice sometimes to get out of the arts and heritage bubble to learn some lessons from the digital community at large. There are ideas and developments circulating in the wider world that have huge implications for us and what […]

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Leeds Data Mill – What happens when a whole major city shares its data?

Culture in Numbers was the first event by Leeds Data Mill, an ambitious new collective organisation looking to gather and utilise data about the whole of Leeds. Here’s a Storify review of a great day – lots of interesting insights and reflections on the practicalities. [<a href=”//storify.com/rosemarybeetle/leeds-data-mill-culture-in-numbers” target=”_blank”>View the story “Leeds Data Mill Culture-in-Numbers” on […]

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How to use Google Analytics Event Tracking to capture navigational behaviour on your website

The purpose of navigation is to help visitors to our websites find their way round them, but how do we know how useful this navigation really is to them?  To understand this, we need to know they actually use it. This post outlines how we have implemented automated tracking of navigational activity on the V&A website. […]

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Open Sourcing Digital Labels

At the end of November 2012, the V&A’s new Furniture Gallery opened up on our 6th floor. Alongside the great pieces on display, there are some novel approaches to interpretation and labelling.One such development was the replacement of printed labels with touch screen software, developed by the V&A Digital Media team. Today, we are releasing this software asopen source on GitHub(where else?) under a permissive BSD License.

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Museum Computer Network conference 2012

In November we were participating at the annual Museum Computer Network conference(MCN), this year held in Seattle. The MCN conference is a great learning experience. You don't so muchattend as get immersed.

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UK Museums on the Web Conference 2012

UK Museums on the Web is a great opportunity for people in the museum sector to network and bring ideas together about the web and related digital. This year it was at the Wellcome Collection, London. Here are some brief highlights of sessions, but there were of course lots more great ideas buzzing about. Some […]

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