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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 02

Shop of the day – 02 It’s Saturday night so let’s go for Pizza – Brockley’s finest – loving the updated super man logo   ©Barnaby Barford 2014 Let me know your favourite takeaways…

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‘Cooling Off’, photograph, John Heywood, 1982 (V&A B.146-2013) © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

“Can I Have a Taste of Your Ice-cream?”

With the intermittent bouts of hot sun we’ve been having recently, the sight of children (and some adults!) with ice cream smeared across their faces has become an increasingly frequent sight on the streets outside the museum. Ice-cream and sorbets are now a quintessential part of the summer but it may come as a surprise […]

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A V&A Collections Christmas Dinner

I’ve left it incredibly late yet again, but this Christmas I won’t be charging like a lunatic up the aisles with a sweaty, panicked look on my face. I won’t stand defeated in front of empty shelves where the vegetables used to be, trying to think of an appropriate alternative. And I won’t be placing […]

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