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Toilet Talk: Looking for non-gender-specific toilets?

Greeting you at a door multiple times a day, whether at work or in public buildings, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with these two anonymous figures. Clear and easily recognisable, they are the symbols frequently used to demarcate gender-specific toilet facilities. Over the years a number of places have played with the design of […]

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Why the V&A Gay and Lesbian Tour is Essential

Glynn Christian in front of Giambologna's Samson Slaying a Philistine at the V&A

Dan Vo examines how the V&A’s new LGBTQ Tour came to be, and why it is needed. My eye scans down the poster and is drawn to a rather handsome tail on the letter Q. The notice is headed ‘V&A Tours and Talks’, and the line I am reading says, ‘16.00 LGBTQ Tour (last Saturday […]

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Out On Display #13: ‘Nice Jugs’

Anthropomorphic jug Red earthenware with applied and incised decoration and traces of glazing England Late 13th or early 14th century C.50-1929 On display in room 10A Vessels depicting human characteristics have been produced for centuries. This early example of a ‘face jar’ is unusual for being decorated with both male and female features. The clay […]

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18th Century Queer Cultures #1: the Macaroni & his Ancestors

Introduction In terms of gender identity and masculine expression, the eighteenth century was an important time of transition. While in 1700, there was a certain amount of tolerance for effeminacy, and for bisexuality, by 1800 the understanding of what it meant to be a man was considerably more rigid, closely policed, and what we might […]

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Out On Display #7: Gluck

          Leonide Massine Waiting for his Cue Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein) England, oil on canvas, 1925 Given by British Theatre Museum Association S.83-1986 On display in room 104A   Born into a wealthy Jewish family, Hannah Gluckstein (1895-1978) defied conventional roles expected of young women of her class and time.   Family […]

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Out On Display #5: ‘Lord Who Is Half Woman’

          Hindu God Shiva as Ardhanishvara (Lord Who Is Half Woman) Northern India, sandstone, Kushan period 150-200 IM.5-1931 On display in room 47B     Ardhanarishvara is a composite form of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati. Shiva is a popular Hindu deity and within Shaivism is regarded as the Supreme God.   Ardhanarishvara […]

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