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Teapot, 19th century, made in Ladakh, N W India.
Silver gilt, silver and brass gilt, with inset turquoise. 
Silver gilt, silver and brass gilt, with inset turquoise IM.112-1927

‘Magical’ Research trip to N W India

Oral histories have the capacity to transport us not just across time but across space.  Stories are in a sense a kind of ‘object’ encompassing trajectories of affect and sensation which is why I found this account by Dr John Clarke, curator of the Himalayan and southeast Asian collections, so compelling.  He describes a research trip he made in 1986 to the Zanskar Valley, […]

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Signs of Respect

Signs of Respect: Karnataka State Farmers’ Association

Since 1982 the KRRS (Karnataka State Farmers’ Association) has produced signs in villages across Karnataka in India. The video featured in this post was created by Laura Valencia and Manu Thejaswi J with KRRS for ‘Disobedient Objects’, and one such sign will be featured in our forthcoming V&A exhibition. The farmers of KRRS discuss the […]

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Not Just a Load of White Dresses

There are some days when I end up taken aback by how enjoyable a day I have had at work.  The day we received the sari destined for display in Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 was one such day.  The fashion collections at the V&A vast, and hold hundreds of garments from around the word. Until now […]

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Photographic guardbooks: Images of India

While looking through our photographic guard books to answer an enquiry about something completely different, I discovered some fascinating nineteenth century photographs of Indian street scenes and architecture.  These evocative images have stayed with me so I thought that I would find out a little bit more about them. The photographs were sent to the […]

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Company painting_Delhi

Changing Displays at the Nehru Gallery: Conservation of Company Paintings at the V&A

This September, the V&A’s Nehru gallery of South Asian art will be transformed when the current display in the gallery is changed and around 85 new paintings and 20 textiles are installed. The V&A’s collections of South Asian art are the most comprehensive and important in the Western world. The paintings in the collection number some 5000, most of […]

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Studio Mumbai progress continues…

http://www.vimeo.com/12375001 Today I had another tour of the 'Inbetween Architecture' structure with Studio Mumbai's Bijoy Jain. A large number of the plaster panels have now been applied to the building, both on the interior surfaces and to the exterior facade. This cladding has totally transformed the structure, particularly in terms of the warmth of light as reflected off the inside walls. Here, Kate Dineen, one of the co-creators of the project, applies some touches to the plaster finish on one of the external walls: Kate can also be seen in the video, above, with Michael Anastassiades, the other co-creator of …

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Studio Mumbai off-site construction completed

Very exciting…Studio Mumbai have just finished off-site construction on their 'Inbetween Architecture' project for the V&A Cast Courts. Here are some photographs of how the structure looks, sitting in their workshop yard in Mumbai. It's especially nice to see the quality of light (particularly thewarmth) as the high noon sun reflects off the plaster panels whch dominate every surface of the building. Of course, we can't expect the same light in South Kensington, where the team will re-assemble the structure – but Studio Mumbai are hoping to make the most of the generous daylight which floods the Cast Courts from …

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Studio Mumbai off-site construction photographs

Some exciting updates this afternoon from India: we've received via email a large group of photographs from Sam Barclay, one of the team who are currently assembling the Studio Mumbai structure in their workshop yard in Mumbai (orginal concept drawing shown above, to refresh your memories!). Once the team have tested construction methods, structural feasibilityand material finishes, the building will be disassembled and transported in parts to London, for final assembly, on-site, at the V&A in the Cast Courts. The image above shows a large-scale model which the Studio Mumbai team developed as a proof-of-concept. The photograph below depicts the …

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Photographs from India

This week we received some early Christmas presents from India – from two sources.

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A Horse of a Different Colour

The V&A's current exhibition, Maharaja:The Spendour of India's RoyalCourts, got me looking around for related design drawings in the collection. Icame up with this example made in about 1850, for a portrait of Ram Singh IIof Kota – one of the main figures in the exhibition. What strikes me most about this delicate line drawing is its complete lack of colour. Annotations give a sense of which tints were to be used, but if you compare it to the below (similar) image of Ram Singh, which has its full paint job, and you realize what a leap of imagination was …

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