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Sou Fujimoto Inside/Outside Tree – a final polish

The protective layers of adhesive sheeting have finally been removed from Sou Fujimoto's 'Inside/Outside Tree', revealing the transparent acrylic beneath. Having been so familiar with the structure in its 'wrapped' form, it's quite breathtaking to see the full, dramatic effect of the tree's transparency, and the delicate 'stitching' of the cable ties, especially as set against the floods of daylight that spill into the Architecture Gallery landing – the location of this structure. It will be quite stunning to see this structure when it basks in the late afternoon sunlight of the summer months that lie ahead of us. http://www.vimeo.com/12369550

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Construction on Sou Fujimoto’s Inside/Outside Tree begins

This photograph captures the moment the very first acrylic sheet was lifted into position to begin construction on Sou Fujimoto's Inside/Outside Tree. The MDM Props team (the contractors responsible for building the Inside/Outside Tree) have spent the last few weeks assembling the structure off-site at their workshops in south London, and this week marks the start of construction on-site here at the V&A, on the Architecture Gallery landing. http://www.vimeo.com/12369229 This photo, above,shows members of the team meticulously assembling one of the numerous branch elements which make up the tree form. The structure consists of an extremely complicated arrangement of polygons, …

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Sou Fujimoto Inside/Outside Tree – London workshop fabrication

Some updates from this week's construction progress for Sou Fujimoto's Inside/Outside Tree. Our building contractor, MDM Props, have built a wooden rig which is being used as a support so that each of the acrylic polygons can be slotted into place, and strapped together using the cable ties (there are boxes containing hundreds and hundreds of them at the workshops at the moment…quite a sight) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p458EEViApQ A particularly tricky job is getting the ploygon sheets to all line up with each other, following the detailed design model exactly – while also ensuring that there is structural rigidity – and making …

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Sou Fujimoto in the Studio

We have just been sent a lovely little video by Sou Fujimoto, the architect who will be building a hollow, transparent tree-form on the Architecture Gallery landing. You may recall from a blog post last year that Sou Fujimoto has modified his design from a curvilinear form to one consisting of angular polygon elements. We had discussed how we might connect these separate elements to create the trunk, branches etc – and he has come up with an ingenious solution involving tough cable ties. http://vimeo.com/11952381 We gave each of the architects HD video cameras (courtesy of Flip Video) which they …

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Sou Fujimoto Tensegrity Model

During this afternoon's scheme design presentation, Sou Fujimoto explained how his acrylic tree structure, the Outside/Inside Tree has been greaty rationalised and simplified. Instead of being a curvilinear form, the structure will now be an angular abstraction of this previous proposal, consisting of hundreds of acryclic polygons bound together by cable ties. Here, in this film, Sou Fujimoto explains using a very simple concept model how the structure has evolved (the original proposal shown below). [video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6x72ohyEmw] As his new proposal seems to act almost like a tensegrity structure, I decided to show Fujimoto-san the Buckminster Fuller tensegrity model which we …

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Sou Fujimoto concept model

Our first concept model submission has arrived! Ryo Tsuchie, one of the team in Sou Fujimoto's office arrived at the Contemporary Team offices here at the V&Athis afternoon, straight off a flight from Tokyo – having brought their two (very beautiful)models as hand luggage. This is the moment Ryo opens the package and we see one of the models for the first time: [Film 1] and [Film 2] [video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKlaPPPCIIA] The office wanted to submit two proposals, both for the same location – V&AArchitecture Gallery landing, both eplxoring the idea of rural idylls and the relationship between inside and outside space. …

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