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Moose on the Loose – ‘Trans*hapticality’ (17th March 2017)

UPDATE: TICKETS NOW BOOKABLE ONLINE VIA THE FOLLOWING LINK https://www.vam.ac.uk/shop/whatson/index/view/id/4799/event/Jack-Halberstam—TRANS-HAPTICALITY/dt/2017-03-17/eType/1/free/2 You can also book via our Contact Centre on 0207 942 2000. Next month we are happy to be hosting an event as part of the wonderfully titled Moose on the Loose Research Biennale program. Moose on the Loose is led by Dr Sara Davidmann […]

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The Power of Love

By Sue PrichardWhen I agreed to give the lunchtime lecture ‘Making Love at the V&A’ I had no idea the title would generate such a flurry of anticipation, and indeed trepidation. 'Timeout’ appeared to be a little disappointed, describing it as ‘perhaps unfortunately not what it sounds like’. One member of the audience made no bones about it ‘I hope this isn’t going to be embarrassing’. Oh dear – who would have thought that such a short word could create such havoc.

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