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I ‘would love to live in the exhibition’

On the 7th March we began to install The Cult of Beauty exhibition. Over the last three weeks, with two teams of technicians and highly efficient exhibition co-ordinators, we installed over 250 objects in the gallery space. Paintings were hung on the blue, green and dark grey walls, objects were placed in cases and sculptures were carefully positioned on their plinths. I waited excitedly for the latest packing case to be opened and another beautiful object to emerge.

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Liberty’s department store provides me with a haven in busy central London. I could spend hours in their haberdashery department admiring their distinctive printed fabrics or looking at the interiors of their ‘Tudor’ building . I was, therefore, delighted when I found out that The Cult of Beauty exhibition, which is sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, will have further support from Liberty. A couple of weeks ago, as part of a press tour, I visited the store and met Liberty’s archivist who showed us some sample books containing Aesthetic fabrics . Liberty played a vital role in popularising …

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