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A King, a War, a Pas, a Siege and a Master of Medals

Commemorative medals combine portraiture with designs that commemorate their subjects’ principal deeds. This medal was made to celebrate the success of Louis XIII, King of France, in forcing the passage of the Pas de Suze (the Suza Pass) in January 1629. It will feature in The Cabinet gallery display, which will explore the types of objects collected in […]

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Save the Wolsey Angels – Director’s Circle exclusive object handling session

Focus On… The Wolsey Angels and Early 16th – Century Sculpture Director’s Circle members were given an exclusive object handling session exploring the art-historical context of the Wolsey Angels. Members joined Director, Martin Roth, and the Keeper of Sculpture, Metalwork, ceramics and Glass, Paul Williamson at this unique behind-the-scenes event to understand the Angels in […]

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Pope St. Stephen I

Early Christian history can be a minefield of hyperbole and mysticism, of which the life of Pope St. Stephen I (reigned 254 – 257) is a very good example. Having your head cut off would be, in most cases, a fairly conclusive act. It has, however, never been clear whether or not Stephen was violently […]

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