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Out On Display #15: Inspired by Love

    Sappho, inspired by Love, Composes an Ode to Venus Gold pendant with pearl border After Angelica Kauffman Switzerland, c.1800 M.280-1919 On display in room 91M       Born on the island of Lesbos around 620BC, little is known for certain about Sappho’s life. In antiquity she was regularly counted among the greatest of poets and was […]

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Calling all book detectives: Garrick’s Plato

David Garrick

When challenged by an irate David Garrick (1717-1779), the celebrated actor, dramatist and theatre manager, who had discovered that titan of eighteenth-century letters, Dr Johnson (1709-1784), throwing elegantly bound books around his (Garrick’s) private study, Johnson is reputed to have offered this churlish excuse: ‘I was determined to examine your collection and find it consists […]

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