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Camp Clay

One of the most enjoyable parts of the residency in the Ceramics Galleries, is the opportunity to spend time investigating and working with the collections.  A set of cases by the studio are provided for the Artist in Residence to re-curate objects from the collections .       I chose to look at the figurines […]

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Stories of Urban Resistance in Hong Kong

Each term the V&A/RCA History of Design Research Seminar Series provides a forum for the newest and most exciting thinking in design history and material culture studies. To continue the discussion beyond the confines of our seminar rooms, current MA students have written short, illustrated responses. This week’s post, by MA candidate Zara Arshad, considers […]

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‘Designing for the Common Goals of People’: An Interview with Common Practice

Inflatable General Assembly DIY Manual - Back Page. Created by Common Practice.

Like many of the people occupying Zuccotti Park in 2011, the collective Common Practice contributed to their protest camp by drawing on the skills and training they knew best – architecture & design. The result was the 123Occupy project, whose model of an Inflatable General Assembly can be seen in ‘Disobedient Objects’. In this post […]

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Banners and the 2011 Madrid Protest Camp: Reading the Signs of Revolt

In May 2011, Madrid’s protest camp became the first Western example in the wave of protest camps that would occupy central squares of cities all around the world. This settlement was named #Acampadasol [Suncamp] on Twitter, because of its occupation of the Puerta del Sol  [Gate of the Sun], one of Madrid’s emblematic centres. The […]

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