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Worn with Pride: A patchwork rainbow

Maggie and her handiwork taking centre-stage

In the run-up to Pride, Maggie from HR was spending her evening with needle and thread in hand. She definitely came out on-top in terms of crafting and manual effort amongst the group (the rest of us opting for iron on transfers and marker pens) and her handiwork drew lots of admiring comments on the […]

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Guest Post: A Quilt from Bengal


White cotton coverlet embroidered with the coat of arms of the Portuguese family Lima da Villa Nova da Cerveira, India or Bangladesh, first quarter of the 17th century
Region perhaps Satgaon; Region perhaps Hooghly
First quarter of the 17th century
White cotton, quilted and embroidered with red silk.

Emma Rogers is an Assistant Curator in the South and South East Asia section of the Asian Department.  Part of her job involves working with the V&A’s wonderful collection of textiles from South Asia, and she is particularly interested in export textiles made in India. One of the many beautiful textiles included in The Fabric […]

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Objects Alive

Object Lives scholars in the Clothworkers' Centre study room © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

This morning the Clothworkers’ Centre enjoyed a visit from a group of Canadian academics, part of a research group called Object Lives, funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Their aim, through the close study of objects, is to ‘assess the flow of goods into and from Northern North America’. Today’s session drew […]

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And now the end is near, its time to face the final curtain…

Actually I had high hopes for this my final blog. I rang the 'IT Crowd' with the suggestion that they could do something wizzy and overlay this entry with Ole' Blue Eyes singing 'My Way'. However, we got involved in a long discussion about copyright and I started to lose the will to live. However you get the gist – I am yesterday's woman, I've had my 15 minutes of fame, I am about to be put out to grass. I said my final goodbye to Quilts 1700-2010 with atour for the agedmother (a cross between Mrs Malaprop and Count …

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I shall support her as long as I can, because she is a woman…

I am by nature a woman’s woman. I like the sense of female solidarity you get when you are with a group of like minded women. When the husband was working abroad, my daughters and I would have weekly ‘girlie nights’, huddled on the sofa with bowls of Haribo, covered by our quilts and watching episodes of ‘Pingu’ and ‘Friends’ – an eclectic mix. As a special treat they would be allowed to attend the ‘Prichard soirees’ – friends would be invited round for supper, and coerced into making lavender bags and cakes for the school fete. All this would …

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Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…

Actually last week I was whisked off by the husband to Frenchman’s Creek. I had been suffering from anxiety dreams again, you know the ones. I would find myself standing up before a packed lecture theatre pontificating about the exhibtion when I would suddenly look down and discover that I had forgotten to get dressed […]

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I’m not exactly a Luddite…

But I confess I’m not exactly au fait with new technology …..

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Giving something back.

We've had a few enquiries recently regarding Project Linus and its absence in the exhibition. I first heard about Project Linus in 2003, when I lived on the Isle of Wight. The headline 'Blankets of Love for Sick Children' was followed by a news report detailing how volunteers had presented a pile of quilts to St Mary's Hospital children's ward and neo-natal intensive care unit. As a mother whose twin daughters were born prematurely, but needed little in terms of intensive care treatment, this act of generosity touched my heart. During the course of my research for Quilts 1700-2010 I …

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Always winter and never Christmas.

It has been a bit like living in Narnia recently. After all the excitement of last week's PV, the constant round of press interviews and VIPtours I should really have taken myself off to a quiet room to recuperate. But of course I couldn't resist coming in on Saturday morning, to be there when the doors opened for the first time to the public. As I walked to the V&A I was suddenly struck by a change in the air, a definite hint of Spring which was confirmed by the glorious blossom I encountered as I slipped down a residential …

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A Room of One’s Own

Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of working with so many extraordinary artists and makers.Many have welcomed me into their homes and studios, sharing thoughts and ideas – their hospitality and generosity have added an unexpected dimension to the exhibition, which goes beyond professional courtesy.I had visited Jo Budd in her studio several times and was immediately drawn to the sense of peace and tranquillity in her workspace. It was not only a privilege to be invited into her home and studio but was also a joy

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