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‘Ratatosk’ and ‘Spiral Booths’ construction time-lapse

Thanks to Peter Kelleher in the V&A Photo Studio, here is some fantastic construction time-lapse photography for two of the structures in the '1:1' exhibition – Helen & Hard's 'Ratatosk', in the John Madejski Garden, and Vazio S/A's 'Spiral Booths' in the Porter Gallery: http://www.vimeo.com/12509535 http://www.vimeo.com/12509503 As a companion piece for the Spiral Booths time-lapse footage, here's the original3-D framework visualisation that the Vazio S/A team sent us a few months back, as a comparison: http://www.vimeo.com/11994858

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Helen & Hard ‘Ratatosk’ – willow canopy

The Helen & Hard 'Ratatosk' climbing structure is nearing completion in the V&A John Madejski Garden. Another gorgeous sunny day in South Kensington…the two project architects on site, Dag Strass and Caleb Reed, have now grafted strips of willow onto the stumps of the CNC-carved ash trees to create a stunning roof canopy. Taking a close look at the ten ash trees in this bright sunlight, it is fantastic to see the raw, unfiltered quality of the rough exterior bark – complete with moss and gnarled knots. Such a dramatic contrast with the very precise planes that have been carved …

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Helen & Hard – ‘Ratatosk’ off-site construction

So finally…after months of looking at design sketches, maquettes and 3D modelling scans…we at last get a glimpse of the final version of Helen & Hard's 'Ratatosk' climbing structure – and it looks FANTASTIC. Here are some progress shots sent through this morning by Reinhard, Dag and the rest of the team in Stavanger. Can't wait to see this project take up residence in the V&A John Madejski Garden in June…

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Helen & Hard – ‘Ratatosk’ progress images

I've finally got hold of some of those amazing images that the Helen & Hard team showed me in the presentation at their studio in Stavanger last week. Shown here, above and below, you can see some of the 3D scanning/modelling drawings – representing the stage before the ash trees are sent to the wood workshop to be carved using a CNC milling machine, based on these very precise 3D 'maps'. Perhaps even more exciting…this is my first glimpse of some of the milling actully taking place. We've had a prototype tree in the office for quite a few months, …

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Visit to Norway – Stavanger / Helen & Hard

Tonight I am in Stavanger, southern Norway – to visit Helen & Hard Architects. I've just spent an amazing day with the Helen & Hard team, not only getting an update on their 'Ratatosk' climbing structure for the '1:1' exhibition but, most importantly, having the opportunity to visit some of their built structures. I started the morning by spending a few hours at their studio, meeting the rest of the office, and getting a brief intro into some of their recent projects, looking at models and drawings etc. The image above shows some tests they have been carrying out for …

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