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‘Ratatosk’ and ‘Spiral Booths’ construction time-lapse

Thanks to Peter Kelleher in the V&A Photo Studio, here is some fantastic construction time-lapse photography for two of the structures in the '1:1' exhibition – Helen & Hard's 'Ratatosk', in the John Madejski Garden, and Vazio S/A's 'Spiral Booths' in the Porter Gallery: http://www.vimeo.com/12509535 http://www.vimeo.com/12509503 As a companion piece for the Spiral Booths time-lapse footage, here's the original3-D framework visualisation that the Vazio S/A team sent us a few months back, as a comparison: http://www.vimeo.com/11994858

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On-site construction for ‘Spiral Booths’ begins…

The construction team from MDM Props have set themselves up in the Porter Gallery, and have started to assemble Vazio S/A's 'Spiral Booths' – a structure consisting of a number of intimate performance booths set around a spiral staircase. The skeleton steel framework has now gone up, reaching the ceiling of the gallery. Over the next week, the booths and facade cladding will be installed, and the team will dress the structure with the red velvet curtains which mark the entrance of each of the booths. Below is a 3-D rendering which Carlos Teixeira (director of Vazio S/A) sent to …

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(Another) new model from Vazio S/A

We don’t start on-site construction for Vazio S/A’s ‘Spiral Booths’ structure until the week after next, but I just wanted to share with you some photographs of a model which Carlos Teixeira and his team have recently created. The model is especially useful as it gives a better sense of the varying levels of transparency […]

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Vazio S/A – Spiral Booths off-site construction

This weekwe begin construction in London! There are a number of approaches that we are taking with building the seven structures. In some cases, the buildings are being constructed off-site, and abroad,by the architects – and then re-assembled at the V&A; with others, the buildings are being entirely constructed at the V&A (either by the architects, or by building contractors) – and there are some structures being built off-site by contractors, and then re-assembled at the V&A by those same contractors…pheeew! Confusing, I know. 'Spiral Booths', the structure designed by Vazio S/A, falls into this last category (along with the …

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Vazio S/A – Spiral Booths new model

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ou_9DI4XbQ Carlos Teixeira from Vazio S/A Architects has arrived in London with a brand-new model for his 'Spiral Booths' structure (destined for the V&A Porter Gallery, alongside Rural Studio's 'Woodshed'). Here he discusses the spatial arrangement of the performance booths which are arranged around a central spiral staircase. The V&A is commissioning a number of theatre, music and dance companies to devise brand-new pieces of work for the structure. For the first six weekends of the exhibition, these companies will present a series of scratch performances – open workshops/rehearsals which audiences will be able to witness, with visitors and performers …

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Vazio S/A – Spiral Booths visualisation

In December, we discussed with Carlos Teixeira how to rationalise and simplify the spatial arrangement of the performance booths in his structure, 'Spiral Booths' (based on the voids found amongst the concrete stilts of suspended Brazilian palafitte buildings). We received a link from Carlos this morning for a 3-D visualisation for the new design – something that will be very useful for our technical consultants on the project (they are essential to the exhibition – crucial structural engineering and building advice!) http://vimeo.com/11994858 It's actually quite fascinating to see exactly how all these booths fit together, something that is quite hard …

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