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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 01

As promised I will be blogging a ‘Shop of the Day’ every day until the Tower opens.  I will endeavour to give you a bit of background to the shop if possible.  All these photographs that I will be putting up have been Photoshopped ready to make into ceramic transfers. Let me know your favourite shops… ©Barnaby […]

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Strange encounter: a dragon’s egg nestled in the Museum’s attic

In all museums, no matter how big or small, there’s always a time when you make a ‘discovery’ as you stumble upon a piece tucked away in a corner by long-gone curators. Store auditings – a slow, painstaking process, but not without surprises – are propitious times for such encounters to happen. As part of […]

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Vikings and Bishops

One of the great things (or perhaps one of the curses) of working in the history of art is that holidays always have a work edge. If you are travelling in Europe, you are almost never too far from a medieval or renaissance site that needs seeing. I’ve recently spent some time in Denmark, and […]

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