Dice Kayek: Jameel Prize 3

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Video Transcript

Dice Kayek


Dice Kayek is a fashion brand and we are fashion designers. Our designs are inspired by architecture and tradition. Although it’s very fashionable to become fashion designers these days, we decided to become fashion designers when we were very young girls. From the very beginning, from our childhood we were surrounded by textiles, silk and embroidery tradition.


‘Istanbul Contrast’ is a collection of nineteen dresses. All of these dresses are telling us a story of a city, Istanbul, which is a city of contrasts in the lifestyle, in the architecture and in everything, in every area.


This is the first time a fashion designer is nominated for the Jameel Prize and it’s very good timing because we are living in an era where fashion melts and meets with arts. It’s perfect timing and we are extremely honoured and extremely happy about it.


Turkish sisters Ece and Ayse Ege founded their fashion brand, Dice Kayek, in Paris in 1992. The brand reflects their Turkish origins, bridging East and West, the traditional and the modern, the luxurious and the sober. Now living and working between Istanbul and Paris, their couture pieces draw inspiration from Islamic architecture and crafts, elements of which they draw upon to create bold contemporary garments. They describe their early fascination with traditional textiles and offer an insight into their Jameel Prize-nominated collection ‘Istanbul Contrast’.

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