Faig Ahmed: Jameel Prize 3

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Video Transcript

Faig Ahmed


I’m an explorer, I love experimenting with my own emotions and feelings and how the people feel about objects of my creativity.


The main things that interest me are the old traditions, ancient cultures and standard canons, stereotypes that end up being broken by me. I use the carpet as a complete object, because it’s one of the most natural objects that we see from our early ages. For me as an ordinary person it’s a symbol of comfort and tradition, but not for me as an artist.


By spooling carpets I add new three-dimensional patterns, but I’m not interested in any kind of merging between the past and present, I’m just interested in the past because it’s just the most stable conception of our lives. I use a computer for making the sketches and only afterwards I transfer them on to traditional materials. By using the modern pixel on the old carpet we just hear the voices of past times.


Faig Ahmed was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he currently lives and works. His work explores traditional Azerbaijani rug-making, introducing contemporary sculptural elements and processes to create striking works that reflect modern life. With the carpet as a stereotypical symbol of the East, Ahmed explains his interest in exploring its form.

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