Jacquy Pfeiffer

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Video Transcript

This exhibit is dear to my heart because it is exactly what I’m about. I see something done in a medium which has nothing to do with chocolate or sugar or bread, and I find a way to make it work you see?  So, it’s very very fascinating to be able to duplicate things. That’s why this exhibit is so great because when you look at how things are done and why they are done a certain way it’s like ‘oh my god, I never thought of that!’ right?

What we do in pastry is all about craft.  It’s all about using our hands and using elements and putting them together.

We cast hot sugar in here, ok?  And then we let it cool a little bit and I’m then gonna lay this guy on there to make kind of like a, not a smoked glass, but another etched glass technique.  After that I’m going to put it on here to bend it.

Giroli is definitely an inspiration but also a glass-blower: Lino Tagliapietra ,who is an Italian master who is just out of this world.

I did three years of glass-blowing and we did a lot of new techniques because of that.  This is a technique completely inspired by glass-blowing.  In glass-glowing we learn how to make a technique like this, putting bubbles in a sphere.

This is a mould, a wooden mould, a pineapple mould it is called.  So I racked my brains, It took me three months to figure out how to make it, but here it is.

This is a sphere, that then has pieces added on there, you see it looks like the final product.  It’s one piece but then it’s other pieces attached to them.

I intend to be here for at least six hours straight, hopefully. 

I’ll be here until midnight.

The problem with pastry chefs is that we are not trained as artists.  We don’t go to art school, and we should because but I think that my sense of colours and shapes has evolved a lot because I’ve been doing this sugar thing for thirty six years now so I got to get better at it right?  Running out of time, you know?


Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer makes a sugar sculpture in the V&A's Benugo's kitchen, just one of the exquisitely crafted objects on show in the Power of Making exhibition.

Power of Making
6 September 2011 – 2 January 2012
A V&A and Crafts Council exhibition