Trailer: The House of Annie Lennox

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Video Transcript


Annie Lennox:


I just hope that people coming to see this exhibition at the V&A of the House of Me, or, ‘The House of Annie Lennox’, will enjoy it, and will have an opportunity to go through the museum itself, and when they come by this corner, getting a sense of what I’ve offered to the world and also with Dave...get a sense of...another sense of what that’s been.  I just hope that people will enjoy it, just as I enjoy coming to the museum and taking a moment to just look at something and just give it some thought. I don’t have any other message for people, I just hope they come away feeling ‘Oh, that was lovely!’



This trailer gives an insight in to how Annie Lennox hopes people will feel when after they visit The House of Annie Lennox display.

Annie Lennox's success has spanned four decades and she is internationally renowned both for her music and her personal style. This exciting display explores the image and creative vision of the artist. It offers costumes and accessories worn by Lennox, together with photographs, personal treasures and awards, ephemera from the political campaigns she has championed, recorded interviews, music videos and a specially commissioned video of Lennox in conversation.

This display explores the image and creative vision of Annie Lennox... It offers costumes, accessories, photographs, personal treasures and awards...