Interview with Kenzo's creative director Antonio Marras

After his Fashion in Motion catwalk show, Antonio Marras talked to V&A's Damien Whitmore about his work

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Video Transcript

Antonio Marrass:

I believe this is a special event.  Visiting the V&A is essential for me, every time I come to London I must visit the V&A and each time I am amazed by your exhibitions.  It’s a continuous source of inspiration.  This is an extraordinary moment for me because linking fashion and art to Raphael in particular is a challenge that I am more than happy to face. 

As I said, this is such an extraordinary venue because it links fashion to art, it links fashion to history, and it links us to what is our wealth and our culture.  My inspiration comes from many sources.  I am attracted to sources that are close to fashion, including cinema, art, theatre, dance and today, an exhibition such as the one on Diaghilev, who is the Master of   contemporary dance, together with Nijinsky, made me run off to see it.  I found one hour to go and see it and it was, as usual, such a beautiful experience. 

My vision of Kenzo today is completely changed.  The 40th anniversary of Kenzo is a significant date which marks great changes.  I have been with Kenzo for seven years and during these years I have tried to respect Kenzo’s DNA, Kenzo’s codes and heritage.  Obviously also trying to transfer my cultural background to Kenzo, to make it more contemporary. 

I think that we forgot another city which is Milan.  Which is the city most suitable to make Fashion?  I don’’t know.  I believe that London is modern and has a sense of avant-garde, the will to dare, to experiment and to mix styles.  Paris is more couture, with a vision that is more middle-class but absolutely contemporary. 

Milan is the place where fashion was born, where fashion was literally made and where a more commercial approach is linked to avant-garde. 


Damien Whitmore:

You are handsome, you are creative and you are massively talented.  I wonder what is your favourite museum in the world?



V&A of course!





In November 2010, Kenzo's creative director Antonio Marras joined such big names as Giles Deacon, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood as designers who have staged a Fashion in Motion catwalk show in the V&A's Raphael Galleries.

Sardinian-born designer Antonio Marras explains how every time he comes to London he visits the V&A and how the exhibitions are a continuous source of inspiration.