Friday Late August 2010: Retro Hollywood

August's V&A Friday Late spun out of the Grace Kelly exhibition and set out to recapture the 'Technicolor glamor' of 1950s Hollywood

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The enduring appetite for 1950s glamour was illustrated by the willingness of 'Friday Laters' to enter into the retro theme by dusting out floral frocks, matching patterns, sunglasses and headscarves in late August. Visitors were rewarded with a series of 'get the look' activities including a 'blowdry bar' organised by hairdressers Daniel Hersheson, by L'Oreal Paris's Hollywood Makeover or even by screen printing a 1950s style print with the help of 'I Dress Myself'. When you had perfected the image you could set off on a guided tour of the Grace Kelly show with its curator or listen to Hollywood designer Deborah Landis talking about great 1950s costume designers

The first in our new series of Friday Lates highlights films showcases a late summer party that flashed back to the 50s.