Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones Private View

Friends, fashion designers and rivals unite to celebrate the opening of Hats: an anthology

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Video Transcript

David Redhead, Producer, V&A Channel

Oriole, you look fabulous. Is that a Stephen Jones hat?


Oriole Cullen, Curator of Modern Textiles and Fashion, V&A

Yes it’s a Stephen Jones special there was lots of wrangling over what I was going wear but it seems that it had to be a tiara.


David Redhead

So what should people be looking out for especially, what’s your favourite exhibit in the show?


Oriole Cullen

O Gosh there’s so much to see really it’s very hard to decide, there are over three hundred and fifty hats in there so I think something for everybody, there are hats worn by famous people there are hats by new milliners, hats by Stephen,  Phillip Tracy and lots of other fantastic milliners.


David Redhead

So tell us about the hat you chose tonight.


Stephen Jones, Milliner

The hat I chose tonight is a French bass berret, but I’ve had eight Indian men working on it for two weeks to sew all the beads on these are the finest bugle beads you can buy and you actually have to sew them on using a stiffened thread because they’re too fine to get a needle through


David Redhead

So the day has arrived for all this work, two years worth of work


Stephen Jones

And more!


David Redhead

Yes, are you happy with the results?


Stephen Jones

Yes, it’s been amazing absolutely incredible, when I see it today it’s exactly how I wanted it to be, the only thing which is not here, is Cameron Miranda’s hat which has not arrived from Brazil yet but that will be here next week.


David Redhead

So tell me about your fabulous hats.


Erin O’Connor, Supermodel

It’s Stephen Jones - he’s up and coming. Maybe you know him, maybe you don’t.


David Redhead

What frock are you wearing?


Erin O’Connor

Well, I thought if I was going to go with Stephen Jones, I would have to go with Vivienne Westwood. And, you know you don’t get to walk up to the V&A, one of the most beautiful institutions very often so I thought drama and theater.


David Redhead

So, no hat?


Roisin Murphy, Singer-songwriter

No, no hat for me tonight.


David Redhead

Why not?


Roisin Murphy

I know, I usually have a hat. I actually did not get a chance to borrow one or buy one so I made my own hat with my hair.


David Redhead

So, tell us about your hat tonight.


Philip Treacy, Milliner

It’s an antique, 1920s top hat, silk top hat from Lock’s that’s had a whole other life of its own.


David Redhead

As a milliner, you probably know best of all what makes Stephen a special milliner.


Phillip Treacy

Well he has his own point of view and people who have their own point of view have more success, because the world is full of copiers and there are few originals.


Manolo Blahnik, Shoe Designer

I’m a great fan of Stephen Jones. He’s one of the few ones in this great world of fashion who is an artist.


David Redhead

What’s one thing – what does he bring that’s special to the hats?


Giles Deacon, Fashion Designer

Spontaneity, I think is the thing I love the most about it is. And he’s like a magician, you know. He comes up with the most beautiful things so quickly and rapidly and just takes things  into another dimension that you would have never thought imaginable.


David Redhead

Is this a bit of a highlight for you in Fashion Week?


Colin McDowell, Fashion Commentator

 It’s the highlight. It’s probably the highlight of the year as far as London’s concerned. And I’m very please to see that there are lots of people here from Milan and Paris and New York. It’s pulled them all in. They haven’t come for London fashion; they’ve come for Stephen. It’s an homage to Stephen.


Patsy Kensit, Actress

I suppose in more cash-strapped times, a hat can make an outfit. It’s a more economical way of dressing up something.


David Redhead

What would you say if you want to get ahead?


Patsy Kensit

Get a hat. Boom, boom.


David Redhead

And your hat?


Alex James, Musician

I’m a hair man, not a hat man. You know I think you just have to find out what you are and accept it, really.


David Redhead

So tell me, why do designers need milliners? Why don’t they do the hats themselves?


Jasper Conran, fashion Designer

Well it’s a different craft. And it’s a very exact, specific craft you know – hat making and millining. And, you know, you can have an idea, but to execute it is a different thing.


David Redhead

You work with Stephen a lot?


Anna Piaggi, Fashion Writer

Yeah, where he works, I work.


David Redhead

Not wearing a hat tonight?


David Walliams, Comedian

Well, the thing is, I’m very tall and if I wear a hat, I’d be even taller.  I’ve got a bit of a bowler hat and a top hat that I got from Lack & Co. at home – antiques, it’s beautiful. But I’d like to get more into them and I might get deep into making a nice hat for Matt because Matt wears hats.


David Redhead

What sort of hats do you fancy?


David Walliams

Sort of “Robin Hood” hat, something like that.


This film captures the moment when more than two years of work on the part of Stephen Jones and V&A curator Oriole Cullen came to fruition. The opening of Hats: an anthology took place during London Fashion Week and attracted an enthusiastic band of 'A' listers to the museum. This film celebrates a glamorous V&A party by interviewing the curators and assorted fashion designers, celebrities critics, journalist and actors about Stephen Jones, his talents and the exhibition itself.

Among the interviewees are Giles Deacon, Roisin Murphy, David Walliams, Manolo Blahnik, Patsy Kensit, Philip Treacy, Erin O'Connor and Colin McDowell