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V&A Magazine: Spring 2014

No.33: Spring 2014

Colin McDowell provides an eyewitness account of how the Italian fashion industry...

V&A Magazine: Autumn/Winter 2013

No.32: Autumn/Winter 2013

Richard Barnhart takes us on an erudite trip through the history of

V&A Magazine: Summer 2013

No.31: Summer 2013

Iain R Webb takes us by the hand and leads us through 1980s London, from riotous mobs...

V&A Magazine: Spring 2013

No.30: Spring 2013

Dylan Jones on the twists and turns that created the most spectacular pop musician in...

V&A Magazine: Autumn/Winter 2012

No.29: Autumn/Winter 2012

Christopher Frayling on museums, film and costumes - and the crucial role of...

V&A Magazine: Summer 2012

No.28: Summer 2012

Suzy Menkes examines the development of the ballgown from 1950 to the present...

V&A Magazine: Spring 2012

No. 27: Spring 2012

Fiona MacCarthy on British design

Robin Muir on Cecil...

V&A Magazine: Autumn/Winter 2011

No 26 Winter 2011

Michael Bracewell on Postmodernism

Daniel Charny on Power...