Amanda Levete Architects have won the Exhibition Road Project competition

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Video Transcript

Sir Mark Jones

Future Plan is the name that we give to the plan to restore the Victoria & Albert Museum.  To return to the original ideas and principles of it’s designers and architects.  The first phase has covered a good proportion of the museum.  It started with the British Galleries which opened in 2001.  since then we have done more than forty different projects through the museum, and substantial parts of our collections have been redisplayed.

Our idea is to use the one site left to the V&A to build on to create two things:  first of all a new gallery for our temporary exhibition programme and secondly a public courtyard that opens out on to Exhibition Road.

Moira Gemmill

The competition for Exhibition Road was launched last October and the response was phenomenal.  We had more than 110 expressions of interest from all over the world.  The quality of the submissions was extraordinary, and many of the most creative architectural practices in the world were clearly very interested in this project

So the seven that we shortlisted are:

Amanda Levete

Hennigan Peng who are based in Dublin

Jamie Foubert, London

June Ayoki, Tokyo

Michael Molsen Los Angeles

Snow Hetta and Hoskins (Norway/Scotland)

Tony Fretton, London

One of the key concerns in this project is how we develop that space in relation to our Grade 1 Listed Building, so we need to be very sensitive to the fact that the courtyard is surrounded by very beautiful facades.  We would like to make the courtyard a destination in the museum.  When we’ve built those galleries and created this amazing courtyard on top and created this super connection into the existing museum.  The galleries which are currently used will be restored to their former glory.

Paul Ruddock:

We visited all those shortlisted practices as well as visiting many of the sites and projects that those practices had developed.  We are very pleased to announce that it is Amanda Levete Architects who have won the competition.

Amanda Levete:

 I am thrilled and the whole office is thrilled to win the competition because ever since I became an architect I have dreamed of working on a project like this that has such huge cultural and public significance.  And the V&A has particular significance for me because it is the home of art and architecture, so it doesn’t really get much better than that. 


Amanda Levete Architects were one of seven shortlisted architectural teams, selected from over 110 expressions of interest for the Exhibition Road competition.

The project will create new galleries for the V&A’s internationally renowned exhibitions, a public courtyard for installations and events, and an entrance into the Museum from the newly landscaped Exhibition Road.

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"Ever since I became an architect I've dreamed of working on a project like this that has huge cultural and public significance. The V&A has a particular meaning for me in any case because it's the home of art and architecture, so it doesn't really get much better than that." Amanda Levete, AL_A