Fashion in Motion: Osman, behind the scenes

In the spring of 2010, Osman made V&A history by becoming the first designer to have his Fashion in Motion catwalk show broadcast live from the V&A

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Video Transcript

What I wanted to do is actually a dress which has been worn by quite a few celebrities. I wanted it to actually be worn by a man, and it transforms on the body and looks very powerful and very majestic. There’s always drama there to some extent, and I always need that in my clothes. It’s something that I really wanted to explore further with dance, movement and fluidity.

There was a dress I wanted just to go round and round like a spinning top, or like a whirling dervish but not in a very traditional way.

It’s been a bit of an add-in basically, quite a lot of that fits to add it down and bring out the black little dress story, the white story, more fitted silhouettes into looser silhouettes. So it’s really a little bit of a journey of my work. Not necessarily a real perspective but the best pieces of my work over the four and a half years as well as highlights, to some extent.

Everyone’s done silhouettes in black or dramatic silhouette core just focussed on the structure. The fashion audience is actually a very tough audience and I put little accents of gold in there to make it a little bit prettier.

It’s a little bit of a Hollywood actress from the ‘50s or ‘30s, mixed with elements of ethnicity from tribal Burmese costume to the sari to the kimono. It’s like a fusion of different things but always very clean and pared down.

I used to name them basically like Cosmic Mogul and Renee Sands and Tribal Battle House, and not necessarily literal, but I think I started becoming a little bit more sophisticated and started calling them Collection Nine and Ten, so it’s a lot more easy than trying to think of names for each season.

It’s quite amazing to be here, it’s taken a while. I suppose it hasn’t taken a while because my own line has only been in existence for about four and a half years.

It’s an amazing place for me. I don’t live too far away from here. I come here quite often. It’s a treasure trove basically. It’s a national treasure.


In May 2009, Osman Yousefzada joined such big names as Erdem, Giles Deacon, Jean-Paul Gaultier,  Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood as designers who have staged a Fashion in Motion catwalk show in the V&A's Raphael Galleries.


As well as covering a dramatic catwalk show featuring a male dancer in one of Osman's best known dresses, this film takes you behind the scenes to hear the designer talking his work and the part the V&A has played in inspiring his work.